Chicago Cubs News: Potential Cain deal; Baez isn’t a leadoff man

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 18: Javier Baez
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 18: Javier Baez /

Could the Chicago Cubs try and add Lorenzo Cain? And if they do, does that mean another deal is on the horizon? And Javier Baez in the leadoff spot? If you didn’t like Kyle Schwarber there, you aren’t going to like Baez.

The Chicago Cubs reportedly have a three-year offer on the table to Lorenzo Cain. It’s an intriguing offer because it begs the question, what else do the Cubs have planned? Cain is a strong centerfielder that has some speed. But some question his overall talent, or if it will exceed that of Albert Almora. While Almora has done well in a platoon role, Cain has thrived as an everyday player, batting over .300 since 2014. Is it possible the Cubs have another deal already worked out?

While the Cubs look to add a possible leadoff hitter in Cain, they also have to be keen on who they might put in place internally. There have been many names that have come up, and Javier Baez has been on that list. While I love Baez as a player, a leadoff hitter he is not. If you didn’t like Schwarber in that spot, you aren’t going to enjoy watching Baez swing at sliders out of the zone. But there is a valid reason to put him in the spot, sort of. Kris Bryant.

Bryant hit in the second spot for much of the year, and his numbers suffered because of it. While he would offer protection to Baez, he might not get the opportunities to drive in runs. And that was one of the knocks on his this season, even though his numbers were just as good–if not better–than last year. Bryant was better than you think, especially if you only looked at home runs and RBI.

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