Chicago Cubs News: Value of Cobb was right; Jimenez potential

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 24: Pitcher Alex Cobb
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 24: Pitcher Alex Cobb /

The Chicago Cubs made an offer to Alex Cobb early in the offseason that was right on where it should be. And there is a chance that Eloy Jimenez might turn out to be a stud–and that’s okay.

When the Chicago Cubs brought in Jim Hickey as their pitching coach, many thought Alex Cobb might follow. As the only coach he knew, as well as playing for Joe Maddon–it seemed like a done deal. But players–and agents–get greedy. The Cubs offered Cobb a three-year, $42 million contract but he declined. Once Tyler Chatwood got his deal, Cobb’s agent might have felt he was worth more. Now, Cobb must sit and wait out the free agent signings to see where he might end up.

When the Cubs traded Eloy Jimenez and the rest of that prospect package, many took a moment of silence for the Cubs’ farm system. Jimenez has been a top guy since they had gotten him, and it was expected that he might turn into one hell of a player. And if he does? So be it. This is part of the price of trading prospects for talent. And, in turn, not all prospects will fit on a team. The Cubs have held on too long to a few of them, and it burned them. This trade worked for both team, regardless of how you might look at it.

After winning the World Series in 2016, the Cubs and their fans fell in love with their players. And they should, as this was the first group to bring a championship back to Chicago since 1908. But from there, many have created an emotional attachment to players that are not healthy. For themselves or the team. But the Cubs could fix one of their glaring holes with just one trade–if the fans wouldn’t try to overthrow the team, that is.

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