Chicago Cubs News: Time to move past Arrieta; Favorable comps for Q

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Once again the Chicago Cubs’ Jake Arrieta has been tied to the team, and it has us wondering if he even should? And Jose Quintana will get a whole year as a Cubs starter, and the comps should excite you.

He’s been one of the Chicago Cubs best pitchers over the past few seasons. I’m aware of that. So are most fans, even the most casual of them. But it might be time to let Jake Arrieta move on from Chicago. If the cost comes down to a four-year deal, I may consider a change of heart. But otherwise, they need to have a clean break. But the market has dictated the movement, and the Cubs are keeping in touch with all their options. And yes, that includes Arrieta.

The Cubs will get their first full-year from starter Jose Quintana. While e’s measured up with Jon Lester over the last three years, it’s the fact that he can do the same with Arrieta over the same period. As good as Arrieta, you say? Preposterous. He was a .500 pitcher over the last few years. Ah, the time-honored tradition of measuring a pitcher by only his win/loss record. Or his ERA, both a bit outdated. Curious how this is possible? Take a look.

Psst. Hey. Tired of rumored trades? No? Excellent. Because until spring training starts, we probably won’t be done with them. But what about this one. Lorenzo Cain. The talk of needing a leadoff man is a topic that Cubs’ fans are split on. Some feel they need one, while others think anyone will do (except Kyle Schwarber). Would he be a target for the Cubs to go after? He’s had some solid years in Kansas City, but would he be worth it?

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