Chicago Cubs News: Things have changed in Chicago; Worth the gamble

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The Chicago Cubs enjoyed some success back in the late-2000’s. But the way the two teams were built couldn’t be any more different. From the manager to the age of the core players, things have changed in Chicago for the best.

The Chicago Cubs teams of 2008 and 2009 were constructed in a dramatically different way than this current club. The Cubs won back-to-back division titles those two years, only to be shutout in the postseason both times. From old school Lou Pinella leading the group to veterans Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez anchoring the offense. But the one thing the team lacked was youth. Just two starters were under the age of 30 (Ryan Theriot, Geovany Soto). If Javier Baez snags the starting second base spot? All of the Cubs’ starting position players will be under 28.

On the surface, the signing of Tyler Chatwood doesn’t look that great. But once you start digging into his metrics, and remember that he’s still coming off of Tommy John surgery? You begin to understand why the Cubs took a chance on him. Aside from spending half his games at Coors Field, Chatwood is a groundball pitcher with a high spin rate on his curveball. And that’s a pitch he only threw about 10 percent of the time. If the Cubs get him to find confidence in that pitch, Chatwood could be a steal for them.

Some of you were, upset by this post. As if we were going to jinx Anthony Rizzo. First, every team has a plan if somebody goes down with an injury. They might not be as good, but there’s a plan. Secondly, writers don’t jinx players. While you might think that’s possible–it isn’t going to happen. So what is the Cubs plan if Rizzo was to go down? Short of long-term? There are options, and the Cubs just need to be prepared.

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