Chicago Cubs News: Davis to the Rockies; Arrieta next to go?

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The Chicago Cubs will need to look elsewhere for a closer as Wade Davis signed a three-year, $52 million deal with the Colorado Rockies. Could Jake Arrieta be next as the Cubs are still looking to do something else with the rotation?

Chicago Cubs’ and their fans were holding on to hope that Wade Davis could still sign with the team. Well, no more of that as he signed a three-year, $52 million deal with the Colorado Rockies. Some felt that the later in free agency that we got, the better a chance the Cubs had to sign him. The price did not come down as many hoped, and Davis is headed to the rare air of Colorado.

The Cubs’ Jake Arrieta is looking for a deal worth north of $160 million. Granted, this is just the start of the negotiation and that number could come down. But it’s not crazy to think that he could land that size of a deal. The fact that he and others like Yu Darvish still being out there doesn’t mean teams think they’re overpriced, necessarily. It just means they’re doing their due diligence before signing them.

Recently, I wrote a story asking who people thought the Cubs ace was. It was, of course, open to interpretation. But in the end, I landed on Jon Lester with Kyle Hendricks a close second. My site co-expert Jacob Misener disagrees and says that this is Hendricks rotation. It’s the old versus the new, a changing of the guard, perhaps. So what do you think? Is it still Lester’s gig, or has Hendricks done enough to claim the spot?

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