Chicago Cubs News: Projecting Bryant’s 2018; Ryan this year’s Duensing?

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We looked at last year’s numbers of Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant as we tried to gather what’s ahead for 2018. And could the newly acquired Kyle Ryan be this year’s Brian Duensing?

When we look back at the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant and his 2017 season, many see a failure. There words, not mine. And often, part of what they look at is his lack of RBI. But this fact is, in many cases, he was a better hitter in 2017 than the previous year–an MVP season. Bryant found himself with nobody on often. Now, was he as good with men on as he was in the past? No. But the chances were less, too. So what do we expect to see out of Bryant in 2018? With the lineup having regressed well beyond the mean from the previous year, they should come back this season.

I’ve seen a lot of this these days. That the Cubs have picked up nothing but “garbage” from the waiver wire, and they’re in trouble if they don’t do something–and soon. Granted, many of the names the Cubs have picked up aren’t well know. But all of them have potential. Much like Brian Duensing did when he came to Chicago.

This time, the Cubs are hoping that Kyle Ryan can be that guy in the pen. Signed to a minor-league deal, Ryan hopes to find his way back to the pitcher he was in 2016 before suffering a rib/back injury. This time, for the Cubs, if he can find his way again it could be a massive acquisition. Ryan is still under contract for five years. He’d be a controllable arm in the pen if he can find his way back. Definitely a low-risk, high reward pickup for the Cubs.

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