Chicago Cubs News: Moises Alou’s time; Who’s the ace?

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 10: World Team manager Moises Alou (C) high fives Tyler O'Neill
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 10: World Team manager Moises Alou (C) high fives Tyler O'Neill /

Yesterday, we looked back at Chicago Cubs left fielder Moises Alou and his time with the team. And we looked at the top three in the rotation and wondered who might take the ball on Opening Day.

When the Chicago Cubs signed Moises Alou to a multi-year deal, they likely didn’t realize what a steal they were getting in him. Yes, most remember him for the “Bartman” play, but he was more than just a side note in bar trivia. In 2003, Alou hit 39 home runs while driving in 106 for the Cubs that year. He also was on fire during the Cubs 2003 playoff run, batting .500 in the NLDS against the Braves, while still hitting .310 against the Marlins. In 2004 the Cubs turned down a mutual option, and Alou went and found work in San Francisco. Again, he made his mark in a short period for the Cubs.

As the calendar prepares to turn over to 2018, the Cubs roster is far from set. Will they add another pitcher? Possibly. But until then, we can only assess what they have. So of this rotation, who will take the ball on Opening Day? Jon Lester is the clear choice with his history. Kyle Hendricks has made a move towards the Opening Day starter, but has he overtaken Lester? And then there’s the “new” guy in Jose Quintana. While not as likely since he’s new to the team, he put up impressive numbers in his time last year.

With one Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher in tow, could the Cubs add another before the start of the season? With the possibility of Mike Montgomery being thrust into a starters role if the Cubs don’t sign another pitcher–a lefty in the pen might be needed. Enter Tony Watson. The lefty has been a quality pitcher in his career. And while he isn’t the same pitcher he was in Pittsburgh, he can still get guys out. If Monty moves to the rotation, he could be a valuable addition.

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