Chicago Cubs News: Lester’s legacy; Maples an option?

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When the Chicago Cubs signed Jon Lester, it changed the direction of the organization. What will he mean to the Cubs when he’s all said and done? And could Dillon Maples contend for the closer’s role?

It was December of 2015 when everything turned around for the Chicago Cubs. That was when they signed Jon Lester, and the fortunes of the organization were changed. Some weren’t sure about the big price tag. And his struggles early on left people wondering if it was worth it. But just one year later, Lester showed why the Cubs had such faith in him. So what will his legacy be when he’s all done on Chicago?

While the Cubs are still looking for a “closer” in definition, they do have a capable one in Brandon Morrow. But could they have another candidate in Dillon Maples? His time in the majors has been short, but after moving through the minors from low-A ball all the way to Chicago? The kid might just have what they need. If he could step up and be the guy for the Cubs, the bullpen could be that much better.

The Cubs have had several irons in the fire over the past few weeks. But lately, seems that things have calmed quite a bit. If the Cubs don’t get Yu Darvish, this roster could be set until spring training begins. While the Cubs have been deemed the favorite to land Darvish, it’s possible that it might not happen. So could the Cubs head into the spring with the roster you’re looking at today?

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