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2017 in Chicago, Illinois.
2017 in Chicago, Illinois. /

After several days of the rumors for the Chicago Cubs’ Addison Russell and Manny Machado, we at least tried to put a deal together that made a little more sense. But the best way for Russell to stop this talk? Be the guy the Cubs thought he would.

The recent talk about a trade for the Chicago CubsAddison Russell straight up for Manny Machado has seemed a little bit excessive. Four years of service for just one from Machado? So we took a look at the realistic chance the Cubs might make a trade with the O’s (There isn’t really), and what they could do to make it a fair trade. The O’s will still get controllable players, but the value that comes back to the Cubs won’t be so one-sided.

Russell was once one of the top prospects in baseball. All the tools are there; he’s just yet to put it all together. With all the speculation around him, is this the year that he becomes the player we expected him to be? He’s not been standing pat, merely hoping he would get better. He’s made changes at the plate, and he’s one of the best defenders in the game. But this is the year the Cubs need him to put it all together and be the player they expected him to be.

Justin Wilson‘s time in Chicago has been brief, but ineffective. The lefty still has a flamethrower of an arm and can get the strikeouts. But a hefty amount of walks came with that when he arrived here. But our Adam McGinnis feels that his short time with the Cubs last year was an outlier and that he’ll return to the form that had earned him the closer’s job in Detroit.

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