Chicago Cubs: Making the case for free agent Lance Lynn in 2018

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Lance Lynn /
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The Chicago Cubs have some options regarding who will fill out their 2018 rotation. One of the names being considered is right-hander Lance Lynn. 

With the signing of Tyler Chatwood earlier in the month, the Chicago Cubs have four starting pitchers for the 2018 season. Yes, Mike Montgomery could become the fifth starter, but the Cubs would no doubt prefer the left-hander to remain in the bullpen. For that reason, the Cubs’ front office is still actively pursuing another starting pitcher.

While there are big names on the market like Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta, those options could be too expensive for the Cubs to pull the trigger. Instead of locking up $150-$200 million on either of these options, the Cubs would be smart to go the cheaper route and sign Lance Lynn.

Lynn just finished his age-30 season, a season he spent with the St. Louis Cardinals. The right-hander is not only younger than both Darvish and Arrieta, but he would only cost a faction of what those two pitchers would want.

According to, Lynn has an annual salary projection of $16.9 million. Spread that over four years and the right-hander would only cost $67.6 million. Here’s why the veteran hurler would be worth every penny.