Chicago Cubs News: The leadoff debate, Cubs perfect blend

Jon Jay / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Jon Jay / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Here at Cubbies Crib, we have different opinions of what the Chicago Cubs are doing. There’s no agenda here. We’re fans with our own perceptions. So when it comes to getting a leadoff hitter? We’re a house divided.

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs were lead at the top of the order by Dexter Fowler. What would be considered a “true” leadoff hitter, Fowler got on, took the extra base and helped score runs. Since he’s exit to the Cardinals, the search for a new leadoff hitter has been ongoing. The Cubs tried Kyle Schwarber, Jon Jay–even Anthony Rizzo. The latter being impressive, but we knew that wasn’t where he needed to be. So will the Cubs look to find a pure leadoff hitter?

Or, do the Cubs even need one? Our Erik Mauro contends that the talent on the roster will make it a non-issue. With so much talent–and power–down the lineup, the Cubs shouldn’t need a hitter like Fowler to score runs. Now they don’t want to rely on the home run, but they can still move runners along without it. So is spending valuable resources this offseason on it necessary?

The Cubs have done a stellar job of balancing short-term with the long-term. The Cubs haven’t inked any “massive” deals, yet they have controllable pitching through 2020. The balance that the front office has shown is a large part of why the Cubs are poised to succeed for the next several years. While the Marlins have offloaded talent at a hefty price to other teams, the Cubs are still moving along at their own pace.

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