Chicago Cubs News: Lester’s anniversary, Ode to Star Wars

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Yesterday was the three year anniversary of the Chicago Cubs signing Jon Lester. It was a deal that changed the Cubs fortunes forever. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love our post on what characters the Cubs would be.

It was three years ago that the Chicago Cubs made the deal official. In the middle of the rebuild, they finally went from selling pieces off to acquiring talent. Jon Lester was the turning point in that. His arrival was the start of the run the Cubs are on now. Three NLCS appearances. Back-to-back division titles. While many feel his “best” days are behind him, Lester is still poised to lead the Cubs for several more years.

Our Jacob Misener is a huge fan of Star Wars. While I grew up with the original trilogy, I’ve not been as close a follower as he has. So in honor of The Last Jedi, we put together a list of characters the Cubs would play. Some might be more obvious than others, but there’s no one on staff more capable of putting this list together. So if you’re a Star Wars/Cubs fan, this list is for you.

The Cubs pick up of Steve Cishek could be a valuable signing. The sidearmer has had a few ups and downs but has been a consistent arm wherever he’s been. The former Marlins closer hasn’t finished games regularly since 2016, and as of now, it seems that Brandon Morrow might be the man. But there’s still plenty of time before spring training starts, and the Cubs could make another addition before the winter is over.

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