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With the Winter Meeting over, the Chicago Cubs did address their bullpen and starter situation. Maybe not enough for most, but it’s better than it was. But plenty of questions came out on the meetings, ones the Cubs’ will need to address.

With the Winter Meetings coming to a close, the Chicago Cubs did address their pitching staff needs. Now, they might not have added one of the top tier pitchers for their rotation, but the Cubs are better than they were before. The bullpen is where they made the most headway, and things can still happen after the meetings are over. Might the Cubs still work a trade with the Indians for Danny Salazar?

Without a closer signed–at least like Wade Davis–, the Cubs still have several options available. With the additions of Brandon Morrow and Steve Cishek, they could input one of those two in the closer role. And even then, they still have other in-house options available to close out games. Davis is still on the market, and it is possible he could again sign with the Cubs. The talk of a Zach Britton trade has been rumored as well.

Mike Montgomery has been a valuable swingman for the Cubs over the past few seasons. But it’s become clear that he wants a chance to start for the Cubs. And if not here, then somewhere else. It’s not a “demand,” but it sure did sound like one. Montgomery probably deserves his chance, especially if the Cubs have a spot open in the rotation. But he’s not just going to be given the role. He’s going to have to earn it.

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