Chicago Cubs News: All is quiet in Orlando; Where will Castro land?

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Day one of the Winter Meetings was a relatively quiet one for the Chicago Cubs. They had a few players they were linked to, but that’s about the extent of it. And what about poor Starlin Castro. Where is he going to end up this winter?

The Chicago Cubs have been tied to a few players in the first couple of days, but it’s been business as usual for them. Players, agents and general managers are getting their feet wet, but the more significant action should come later this week. Players like Jake Arrieta, Yu Darvish and Wade Davis are still on the market. The Cubs are staying in contact with their two former players as they are doing their due diligence.

So where is Arrieta going to land this winter? Most have assumed the Cubs aren’t going to bring him back. But while his negotiations are expected to reach five, six or even seven years–the Cubs are keeping in contact with him during the process. The Blue Jays, Rockies and Rangers have all shown interest in Arrieta. Could the Cubs be the darkhorse in this, keeping him in Chicago?

Poor Starlin Castro. Just as it seems he had found a home in New York, he has traded as part of the Giancarlo Stanton deal. Now, with a hefty salary that doesn’t fit with the Marlins, he may be on the move again. One destination he’s been rumored for is the Mets. The Cubs considered sending him there a few years ago before eventually shipping him off to the Yankees.

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