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The Chicago Cubs have given us many reasons to be thankful for the last few years. So hopefully, instead of complaining about the Cubs, you used the day to give thanks for how far the Cubs have come.

It’s funny how we need to have a special day for giving thanks, even when we should do it every day. But for Chicago Cubs’ fans, it should be more than a day, especially looking at where we’ve come from to where they are now. Three straight postseason appearances, a World Series win, an MVP, a Cy Young and countless other awards have given us plenty of reason to give thanks. It’s been a special run by the Cubs, and even with the talks of having to possibly trade away one of the young players, it’s not going to end with that.

Bryan Shaw has recently been linked to the New York Mets, but what are the chances he could come to Chicago? It’s a fit that on the surface doesn’t look like it would work, especially with the construction of the bullpen as it is. But with a few pitchers on shaky ground, the Cubs could slot him into the late innings.

Shaw, if anything, has been consistent. Since 2013, he’s appeared in a minimum of 70 games each season while pitching to a 3.11 ERA in that span. With a handful of righties in the pen, it’s a move that is unlikely. But should the Cubs choose to let Hector Rondon or Justin Grimm go, that could open a spot up for Shaw on the backend of the bullpen.

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