Chicago Cubs News: Rondon’s issues, the underappreciated Kris Bryant

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The Chicago Cubs have seen Hector Rondon struggle since the middle of the 2016 season. Injuries have played a factor, but what happened to the Cubs’ former closer? And the Cubs’ Kris Bryant continues to be underappreciated by the fans.

It all seemed to start when the Chicago Cubs picked up Aroldis Chapman in 2016. The Cubs removed their current closer Hector Rondon, who was okay with the move if it helped the Cubs to win. It did. But Rondon has never been the same since. Injuries have indeed played a factor. But the Cubs need a healthy Rondon to “get right” in 2018 to help the backend of the Cubs bullpen.

The Cubs’ Kris Bryant failed to win a major award this year. After the Golden Spikes Award, Rookie of the Year and then the MVP–he was just a baseball player this season. But suggesting he be traded? That’s what our Cody Delmendo heard entirely too much of when commenting on the Cubs’ slugger. For the most part, everybody is available to an extent. But not Bryant. Not now. And this is why we don’t let the fans have any part of running the team.

For the Cubs’ Ben Zobrist, he would admit it wasn’t a good year for him. Injuries for one and a poor performance at the plate left some wondering if Zobrist was washed up. While that’s not the case, Zobrist is on the wrong side of his 30’s as his career may be nearing an end. But a bounce-back year from Zobrist might be what the Cubs need, especially if they do trade one of their young players for pitching.

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