Chicago Cubs: Addressing the Jason Heyward trade rumors

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Would Heyward accept a trade?

A big factor in all of this is that Heyward would have to waive his no-trade clause. There’s no indication he’d want to do that. Samardzija and Melancon also have no-trade clauses. So, everyone involved would have to agree to any such deal.

Essentially, the Cubs would be getting rid of one bad contract and inheriting two different bad contracts. The Cubs do need to target pitching this offseason, but these contracts may present a bigger headache than the one they’re already dealing with in regards to Heyward.

Heyward’s elite defense is no longer enough to justify his regular playing time. Perhaps the only thing that could convince him to waive his no-trade clause is the possibility that he won’t be an everyday starter in Chicago.

It’s also worth noting that the Cubs and Bryce Harper might have mutual interest after the 2018 season. With Heyward still around, the Cubs would have neither the cash nor the field space for Harper. It is possible Heyward could move over to center field, but that’s not preferable for either party. And beyond that, what would the team then do with Albert Almora?

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This is an intriguing trade rumor, but it comes with more questions than answers for both teams. It seems unlikely anything will happen on this front. It does, however, bring about some unsettling concerns over Heyward’s future and how the Cubs will address it.

The player they signed prior to 2016 is not the player they received. Unless he makes a quick turnaround, we could hear his name attached to trade rumors more frequently as the Cubs move forward.