Chicago Cubs News: Arrieta’s value climbs, Zobrist takes a step back

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The Chicago Cubs probability of signing Jake Arrieta is dwindling. Other pitchers with player options are picking them up, adding value to the arms like Arrieta that are on it.

I think we can all be honest with ourselves as Chicago Cubs‘ fans about Jake Arrieta. Many of us felt that it was his last year, but held out some hope he’d sign with the Cubs. As other pitchers stay with their current teams by picking up players options, Arrieta’s value continues to grow. And with that, so will the size of the deal he signs this winter. The Cubs will, of course, continue to work to see what type of deal he and agent Scott Boras want. But anything over four years and the Cubs may sadly need to let him walk.

The Cubs’ Ben Zobrist was the hero of the 2016 World Series, and fans loved him in his first year with the team. Year two wasn’t as kind, as Zobrist battled injuries much of the year. The Cubs had hoped to insert him into the second base slot most of the time. But with the play of Javier Baez, he continues to be the super utility player he was for Joe Maddon in Tampa Bay. Zobrist took a step back in 2017, but the Cubs will need him to battle off father time as he has two years left on his deal.

The Cubs farm system is depleted, there’s no denying that. But just because it isn’t filled with some of the best young hitters you’ve seen–it doesn’t mean it’s barren of talent. The Cubs’ Adbert Alzolay is the No. 3 prospect in the minors, and has the potential to be something special for the Cubs. After drafting hitters in the early rounds that lead to this fine young team, the Cubs have turned their attention to pitching. Lots of it. Alzolay may be one of the first you’ll see.

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