Chicago Cubs News: Lester needs a rebound, Zobrist starting days over?

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There’s no doubt that the Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester would take a mulligan. It was a struggle for him in 2017, with a few bright spots mixed in. His success will be the catalyst to the Cubs being successful next year.

The Chicago CubsJon Lester would be the first to tell you it was a difficult season for him. Picking off a couple of baserunners was great and all, but following a couple of the worst outings in his career–he wasn’t happy. The success of Lester translates directly to the success of the Cubs. He is the “you go, we go” of the rotation. That will become even more important as they look to possibly replace two fifth’s of the starting rotation from this season.

When the Cubs inked Ben Zobrist to a four-year deal, it seemed like a bit much. But after year one when he won the World Series MVP and helped break the curse, it made it all seem worth it. That was until it didn’t this year. Zobrist signed with the thought would take over second base. That’s where he’s spent most of his time, but he’s still jumped around the diamond. With Javier Baez playing a more significant role, where does that leave Zobrist?

As Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer survey the pitching landscape, everyone will clamor for big-name arms. But as we have learned in the past, it’s all about depth. If you have the best seven in the pen, but injuries take their toll? What does that leave you? That’s why the Cubs will need to find depth pieces, and Jarred Cosart might be one of those pieces.

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