Chicago Cubs: No need for Christian Yelich; Albert Almora is the future

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Chicago Cubs have far more pressing needs this winter

It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea for the Cubs to go after an additional outfielder this winter, but let’s be realistic here–Christian Yelich would cost a ton. Pitching is absolutely the top priority right now, so it might be ill-advised for the Cubs to unload the bulk of their assets on a position player.

If the Cubs did indeed pull off a trade for Yelich, their farm system of top prospects would be severely depleted, leaving precious little remaining to get pitchers. Keep in mind, the free agent market for pitching this offseason is rather weak, especially for starters.

Entering this winter, 40 percent of Chicago’s 2017 rotation lies vacant. Filling out those spots should be the first order of business. The bullpen comes next. Aside from their breakdancing in that glorified garage they call a bullpen, there wasn’t a whole lot to be impressed with from that group in 2017.

Their best bullpen arm was probably closer Wade Davis, but he’s a free agent now. Justin Wilson is signed through 2019, and presumably, he’ll remember how to throw a baseball next year. But what if he doesn’t? Carl Edwards Jr. shows flashes of dominance, but his exceptionally high walk rate of 14.5 percent is a bit daunting.

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Focus on necessities, not luxuries

In their present state, the Cubs probably have enough to win the NL Central again. But the postseason is a different story. Yes, poor hitting was the most glaring of their many shortcomings this postseason. But that could be described as a cold streak at the most inopportune of times, not a lack of quality hitters.

Getting a three or four-spot-caliber starter and a reliable reliever may not be as appealing as going after someone like Yelich, but it’s what is currently necessary. The Cubs have plenty of big-name stars on their team already. Do you want one more, or do you want to win in the postseason?