Chicago Cubs: No need for Christian Yelich; Albert Almora is the future

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Chicago Cubs
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The endless speculation that the Chicago Cubs will trade for Christian Yelich needs come to a screeching halt. Outfielder Albert Almora deserves a shot.

Christian Yelich is a special talent, and it makes perfect sense why anyone would want him on their team. But for the Chicago Cubs, there are at least a couple reasons why pursuing him isn’t the most logical thing to do. “Want” and “need” are very different things.

As we witnessed during a significant portion of the regular season, and certainly during the postseason, the Cubs have a shortage of quality pitching, especially in the bullpen. And with two of their starting pitchers hitting the free agent market, neither of whom are likely to return, the rotation has become a top offseason priority as well.

Would it be great if the Cubs had Christian Yelich? Of course, but they don’t need him. The cost would be tremendous and frankly, they can’t afford to trade for him and quality pitching this winter.