Chicago Cubs have choices to make regarding the future of the ninth inning

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Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney unloading his bow-and-arrow into the night sky was a common occurrence for the Diamondbacks in 2017. The former Cub and Ray put together 39 saves during the season in 45 opportunities.

When it comes to Rodney, you know what you’re getting.

He had a bloated ERA (4.23), giving up 26 earned in 2017, although that’s typically been the norm for Rodney throughout his career. Rodney saw his K/9 increase to 10.57, its highest mark since 2013. Even though his walk percentage decreased two percent from 2016, he still had an ugly 4.23 BB/9.

What to expect?

At 40-years-old, Rodney won’t be pitching much longer, if he even decides to at all in 2018. He has put together a fine 15-year big league career and has a nice round number of 300 career saves. That’s a nice number to go out on.

If he comes back, it’s probably going to be on a one-year deal, maybe two tops. But the Cubs don’t need a reunion with Rodney.