Chicago Cubs: What the future holds for the Cubs core

Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Ian Happ

In the opinion of this writer, Ian Happ was criminally underused throughout the postseason. When you consider all the offensive struggles the team had, you’d think someone like Happ would’ve been perfect as a change-of-pace player.

That wasn’t the case. Happ stayed on the bench more often than not, but next season he looks to have a bigger role. With Jon Jay most likely leaving via free agency, the team will lean on Happ more heavily in the outfield as well as second base.

Happ had a solid showing in his first major league season but appears to be stuck in no-man’s land. He deserves more playing time, but he might end up being the odd man out. That could spell his leaving via trade.

Happ is a player that the Cubs would love to have him stick around. But the need for more starting pitching and other pieces may outweigh the benefits of having him on the team. Look for Happ’s name to be at the center of trade talks at this year’s winter meetings.