Chicago Cubs News: Should the Cubs’ dangle Russell this offseason?

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The Chicago Cubs found themselves ousted from the playoffs, licking their wounds as they watched the Los Angeles Dodgers move on. The Cubs will need pitching, so should they dangle Addison Russell out there to get it?

If the Chicago Cubs hope to get better next season, they may have to deal a player or two from the MLB roster. It’s something that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer knew might be coming, and now might be that time. It might be tough to imagine, but what if the guy to dangle out to teams was Addison Russell? He’s young. Has proven to be a fantastic fielder. And he still has the chance to get even better according to scouts. And with Ian Happ ready to take over at second base, it might not be as crazy as you might think. Our Adam McGinnis is simply asking you to keep your mind open to the possibility.

The five stages of grief for a fan are real. And many Cubs’ fans have been suffering through them following a successful yet disappointing exit from the playoffs. The stage you’re at may vary. I’m already at the stage of “the Cubs lost, and that’s okay.” At the beginning of July, it didn’t even look like the playoffs were going to happen. Then they ended up winning the division and forcing Dusty Baker out of a job (not his fault, by the way). So which stage are you currently in?

The Cubs won the NL Central again, but it was clear that this was not the same team as it was in 2016. Many of the names were the same, but those “career years” some of the players had remained exactly that. But this isn’t the end of, well, anything. There are a lot of teams that would love to be NLCS participants three years in a row. No. This is an opportunity for the Cubs to have a “normal” offseason. For Hoyer and Epstein to retool this roster, and maybe to find themselves once again atop the National League.

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