MLB Playoffs 2017: Choosing an MVP for every team

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 12: (L-R) Jason Heyward
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 12: (L-R) Jason Heyward /
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The postseason is a time for MVP’s to shine

The point of this piece was to point out one (or two) players that helped his respective team reach the postseason. Labeling that person the team’s “MVP” means that is the person we should expect the most out of in the postseason when the lights are at their brightest.

As we have seen over the years, once the postseason rolls around, anything is possible. Take the Cubs for example. Down three games to one in the World Series, the North Siders stormed back and downed the Indians in seven games. Without the help of team “MVP” and eventual league MVP Kris Bryant, the Cubs’ comeback would have been impossible.

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With the postseason starting up shortly, it will be crucial for each team’s “MVP” to rise to the occasion and carry his team deep into October. Who knows, it may not be the play of the guys listed above that proves the difference in a playoff series. That is what makes October so fun.