Chicago Cubs: Potential pick-ups off the waiver wire

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The Chicago Cubs have proven you can’t get too high or low on a player because of his struggles. The rotation is another place the Cubs have to be careful about panic. Jake Arrieta and John Lackey looked dead in the water but turned things around. But another starter couldn’t hurt, right?

It’s often just a formality when teams send a player through revocable waivers. The team can use that to gauge interest for the offseason. The Chicago Cubs could still have their eye on that list as they look for a possible fifth starter in the final month of the season. We’ve discussed Jeff Samardzija and why he should be a no-no, regardless of his peripheral numbers. But a few other names have made it through, so do they offer the Cubs potential options?

A few things to understand about the players that have made it through. Most have massive contracts, so moving them becomes difficult. Others have no less than limited no trade clauses, so that’s another obstacle. And then some players don’t have big contracts but aren’t performing well, either. So how about a guy in the middle that might work for the Cubs, especially as rosters expand in September?