Chicago Cubs: How well is Jason Heyward actually doing?

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 11: Jason Heyward
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 11: Jason Heyward /
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CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 16: Jason Heyward
CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 16: Jason Heyward /

The roof — get it?  Seriously, Jason Heyward is playing better than last season, but he still isn’t playing as well as he once did.

If his ceiling is 2012 and it’s downhill from there, can we really say that he is worth his contract?  It depends.

Nobody questions his defense.  His defense is one of the main reasons why the stat WAR values him so much.

In my opinion, Baseball reference is one of the best sites for player comparisons.  Jason Heyward’s comps are certainly interesting.

His most similar batters through age 26 are in order: Lloyd Moseby, Jeff Francoeur, and Melvin Upton Jr. none of which are Hall of Famers, or even close.

The Cubs now have to ask themselves, was it worth if we signed the next Jeff Francoeur to an eight-year mega deal?  No, would be the correct answer.

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Obviously, they are different players and Heyward is a much better defender, but his offense is still an area of concern.

It’s great when the rest of the team hits the cover off the ball, but the Cubs will need Heyward long-term to be a cornerstone of their offense.

I still have faith in Heyward and think that he’s a great player, I just don’t think he’s reached his full potential yet.