Chicago Cubs: What does the future hold for Ben Zobrist?

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When the Cubs signed Zobrist to a 4-year, $56 million deal during the 2015 Winter Meetings, they knew that he was probably going to be bad for the last year of that deal.

I’m not sure if they predicted that he would be bad for the last three years on the deal, though.  Let’s be honest; there’s little to no chance that Zobrist gets better.

This is what happens to players when they get older; they get worse.  I’m not mad at Zobrist for any of this.  And don’t think that some crazy diet or workout is going to jolt him back to 2015 Zobrist because it won’t.

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I think at some point next year; you’ve got to cut him.  Maybe you could bump him upstairs and give him some fake advisory job like David Ross, Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, etc.

Zobrist can eat for free the rest of his life and be known as 2016 World Series MVP.  The fact of the matter is, he isn’t good right now, and he isn’t going to get any better. Sorry.