Chicago Cubs Rumors: What could have been with David Price

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Hard to say, impossible to disprove

If the Cubs had won the Price sweepstakes, the scene you see above might have still happened. Maybe with different players, but it could have still been. When you’re looking at something like this, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Every action creates another action. If everything doesn’t go to plan, things may have looked completely different. If the Cubs had Price AND Lester? We sure as heck aren’t getting Jose Quintana. And if we signed Price over Heyward, his Gold Glove caliber defense would be gone as well.

It’s always easy to say “Sign him and that guy and we can’t be beaten!” Except we can, because things happen. When we lost Kyle Schwarber to start last season, many of us thought the Cubs were in trouble. (And you’re lying if you say otherwise). But we overcame that, and the Schwarber came back to be a World Series hero. If he doesn’t lead off with a hit in Game 7, maybe Ben Zobrist doesn’t get the chance to get the go-ahead RBI double. Every thing acts upon what happens before it.

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The Cubs moved first at this year’s trade deadline and gained the upper hand. Now, with the injuries to Clayton Kershaw, David Price and Steven Strasburg? Everyone else will have to make a move among many teams looking for help. The Cubs may have gotten lucky in losing the bid for Price, but who knows? Maybe this was another “Theo moment” that we won’t realize until years from now.