Chicago Cubs Rumors: Looking at the Cubs’ potential trade pieces

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Talented, but with a lack of consistency?

Addison Russell is having a tough season. After his breakout 2016, in which he hit 21 homers and drove in 95 runs, he’s struggling to take the next step. His low average is still there and he’s walking less, which isn’t the most potent combination.

Still Russell has the potential – some of which he’s already shown – to be the dual-threat shortstop many thought he’d end up as.

At 23 years old it wouldn’t make much sense to trade him now. Some prospects don’t even debut at 23, let alone have two seasons-plus already under their belt. It’d be terrible for the team to watch him develop into a superstar with another club, especially since a trade would signify that the Cubs have given up on the young player.

He’s not untouchable, though it would have to take a massive deal in order for the Cubs to let him go – a trade that would unquestionably be in the Cubs favor. Since no team would want to help the Cubs get even better, the odds of Russell getting traded is slim.