Chicago Cubs Rumors: Looking at the Cubs’ potential trade pieces

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BALTIMORE, MD – JULY 16: Kris Bryant
BALTIMORE, MD – JULY 16: Kris Bryant /

The reigning MVP has a home already

There’s absolutely no way the Cubs are trading Kris Bryant. He’s the cornerstone of the franchise and is going to be a Cub for a long time. Any iota of thought that involves trading him away should be discarded immediately and without question

I could go into great detail of why Bryant is such an important piece to the team’s championship-hunting future. I could write a novella on how the 25-year-old – in only his third season – is already one of the top players in the game. I could even produce a movie chronicling the rise of Bryant and his place as the franchise’s savior.

All of those things, I could do. However I’m going to spare you doing anything completely unnecessary. It doesn’t take a genius to understand how important Bryant is to the Cubs. I don’t care if the Cubs lose all their remaining games and Bryant hits .000. There is no scenario where it would be a good idea to trade him.

Bryant and the Cubs are a match made in heaven. They’re perfect for each other – nay, they were made for each other. The odds of the team parting with their superstar third baseman is, well, take it away Harry.