Chicago Cubs: Fear not, there is still quality in the farm system

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On-base percentage machine

His batting average may only be .256 right now, but on-base percentage sits at .401. Outside of Kyle Schwarber‘s time in Triple-A Iowa, that ranks best on the Iowa Cubs. Mark Zagunis is exactly what the Cubs thought he would be: a player that would get on base and score runs. He is doing just that.

In 73 games this season, Zagunis scored 48 runs and earned a league-leading 53 free passes. Add 11 home runs and 40 runs batted in, and you have a player that can produce anywhere he goes. Being an outfielder does not hurt his chances of making the majors either.

That did not pan out this year, at least not year. Zagunis has 14 at-bats in Chicago this season already, but no hits to show for it. However, he does have four walks and stole two bases. He knows the strike zone well enough to be a big leaguer. Hitting major league pitching is the major question. Still, he projects well and will play a role. If that is in Chicago or elsewhere is to be determined.