Chicago Cubs: Five players that must step up in second half

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Russell must focus

Addison Russell. What can I say? We all know the issue. It exploded in our news feeds. And while the Chicago Cubs removed him for a few days, there is something still not right with him.

Now, let me say this and be absolutely clear: No one but Russell and his wife know what really is going on. While a friend posted comments to their social media, we all know that cannot be the only source of information. MLB is doing an investigation, and until that is concluded, Russell should play baseball.

No, I do not condone the actions of domestic violence, but until facts are clear, we should not judge. That is not our job. All we heard were allegations.

Still, Russell needs to play ball. Really. Can you play, Russell? Because no one really knows what you are capable of on the diamond. Your numbers are not drastically off from last year, but something is not right.

What I find odd is that you hit far better on the road (.284) than at home (.163). Until you can get the bat on the ball consistently, pitchers will not fear you. And if you keep coming up with players like Anthony Rizzo and Ian Happ on base, opponents will relax and not worry if you can get them in.

Which is sad. You are a better ball player than that.