Chicago Cubs: What’s the plan with Ian Happ moving forward?

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PITTSBURGH, PA – JUNE 16: Ian Happ /

This year the Cubs have had a lot of injuries.

Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, Kyle Hendricks and others have missed significant time.  In the mean time, Happ serves a good purpose as largely a utility guy.

Maybe if he gets more reps in and more comfortable, he can become a better corner outfielder.  For the rest of this year, I’m anticipating more of the same of having him move around day-to-day.

Players, in general, like to know where they’re going to play.  There’s a sense of security of always going to the same position and really trying to master that specific craft.

By always moving around an everyday player would be like having a plumber be a plumber on Monday and a carpenter on Tuesday.  There would be a lack of consistency.

For now it’s not too bad, but eventually Maddon is going to have to find Happ an everyday position.  And maybe if he does find an everyday position, he might finally smile.

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