Chicago Cubs: What’s the plan with Ian Happ moving forward?

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Chicago Cubs
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Ian Happ wasn’t supposed to be this good.  He was supposed to be up in the big leagues for about a week and then get sent back down to Iowa.

But, as we know, how we think things will play out rarely end up being the case. Ian Happ had different plans when he earned his ticket to the bigs.  He has proven to Chicago Cubs brass how they need to have his bat in the lineup everyday.  But there are still some questions I have about the young slugger.

One question I have is – can he physically smile?  Seriously, find a picture with Ian Happ smiling and send it to me (@JustinCurran7 on Twitter).

The question I really have is – what’s the plan?  Happ has showcased some defensive versatility already at the big league level, but we still don’t know his permanent position.

He was supposed to be mainly a second baseman, but the Cubs need another guy who can play second like they need a hole in the head.  He looks like he has been a sufficient outfielder, but the defensive metrics are pretty average.

Ian Happ poses a question to the Cubs both short and long-term – what do you do?  Fair warning, a lot of awful puns for the transitions – I can’t help myself.