Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber demotion fuels comeback legacy

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 16: Kyle Schwarber
PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 16: Kyle Schwarber /

Chicago Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber’s had an odd start to his big league career — From gruesome knee injury to World Series and Iowa. It just adds to his legend.

Kyle Schwarber has been through the adversity of a devastating knee injury. You think the hulking 235-pound, almost mythical World Series hero for the Chicago Cubs, is fazed by another challenge?

Odd beginnings

It has not been a typical start to a career for the 24-year-old.

A major leaguer for the first time in 2015, Schwarber busted out four hits in front of his home state of Ohio, immediately showcasing his powerful impact. Then just a few games into the 2016 season, a collision with fellow outfielder Dexter Fowler ended his regular season.

While any player dares dream, it’s tough to imagine one on the heels of tearing the ACL and MCL could envision leading the World Series charge for a team 108 years removed from glory.

This is Kyle’s world, however.

He has been through the highest highs and the lowest lows, all in one season. Though not ideal, hitting .171 still fails in comparison to a significant injury.

At least a player on the field can fix what ails.

Down, never out

Alas with his demotion to Iowa June 22, it hasn’t taken the World Series champ long to rediscover his swing, upon tweaked approaches.

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If four home runs in two days aren’t at least the beginning to a solution, consider the slugger close.

Just as Kyle fueled the Cubs’ offense in 2015, and just as he proved adversity could be overcome, gruesome knee injury or not. Simultaneously reversing a teams’ cursed fortunes almost by himself. It’s as if he and the Cubs were meant for one another.

Theo Epstein was adamant in not trading the injured giant last season.

While even Theo probably could not predict how the following months would unfold, Schwarber’s resurgence proved his genius again.

‘Elusive’ company

Schwarber, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello and Mike Trout all have something in common.

They’ve all been demoted to the minors after their MLB debut.

Some players seem destined for stardom right away, ala MVP Kris Bryant. For others, it takes time to stick in the bigs, whether you are teammate Anthony Rizzo or reigning Cy Young pitchers and MVPs.

A comprehensive list of once-demoted stars might mean little to Schwarber’s plight, yet it lends perspective that anyone can come back.

Specifically, Rizzo who has been there and shared his advice for Schwarber.

As for Schwarber, who took baseball by storm in 2015, and again in the World Series, he proved his potential greatness.

That greatness also could have spurred the exuberant, monster expectations placed upon a still-young slugger with not even a full slate of games under his belt.

But, that’s here nor there now.

Reset and refresh

So in July 2017, here we are. Just a few games into his Triple-A stint, Schwarber looks to regain his stroke. Who knows why things went the way they did, but sometimes young players struggle.

Few undergo a rigorous rehab from a debilitating blow to the knee, only to resurface in that season’s World Series, for a team facing its biggest test ever.

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Even fewer, only Schwarber can say that. And while doing it for the Cubs. Only followed by the world’s biggest party and media manifestation.

So people are writing him off because he was batting .171 for a few months?

Not here. Instead don’t be surprised if Schwarber is the one behind another second-half charge for the Chicago Cubs.

I won’t be.