Chicago Cubs: June set the groundwork for July and August

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Chicago Cubs
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There’s no quit in the Cubs

Players like Addison Russell or Schwarber that had early success? There’s no promise that they can repeat that. I won’t bet against them as both are remarkably talented, but we can’t be sure of this. But one thing is true. It’s July. Whatever a team has done so far to be in a good position, it can fall apart. Think the Cubs are done? Ask an old-time Cubs’ fan about 1969 and the New York Mets. And the Central doesn’t have that same sort of talent that the NL East had then.

The Cubs are basically starting July from scratch. 0-0 with a small deficit to overcome. The need to get some of these players back they lost to injury, and then we look to make a push. It’s basically a three-month season for the Cubs here on out. July will be the month that we’ll look back on to hopefully say “that’s when the Cubs turned it around.”

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The Cubs won’t be sellers at the deadline unless the wheels come off in the next two weeks. Chances of that happening? Slim. By the time the All-Star break arrives, the rest will be welcomed as the team prepares for an exciting trade deadline. The Cubs will make moves, that I can promise you. How big? Only Theo Epstein knows.