Chicago Cubs: Javier Baez could be a long-term piece

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The Cubs by no means have to make a move right this very second, but something has to happen soon.

I feel like starting pitching is a huge concern for the Cubs going forward.  I’ve written about possible moves they could make and I also hear all the things in the rumor mill.

What do I think will happen at the deadline for the Cubs: next to nothing.  I don’t think that this current team is built for much this season.  That’s why I think that Theo and Jed will just sit back and not make any rash decisions.

This offseason is a different story.  The Cubs have tons of guys on their team and in their system that can play up the middle.  Guys like Ian Happ, Ben Zobrist, Tommy La Stella, Jeimer Candelario not to mention Baez and Russell can all play either second or short.

I think that the Cubs need to trade a guy like Russell in order to acquire some pitching.  Also selfishly, I’d love to see Javy Baez play short every single day.

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What makes me hesitant to say that Javier Baez is definitely part of the long-term future?  A couple of things:

1. He can be a little aggressive and inconsistent at the plate.

2. He can also be a little too aggressive in the field and cause silly errors.

3. If the right trade presents itself, you’ve got to make the move.

To answer the question: Is Javy Baez a long-term piece for the Cubs?  Yeah probably.  End of article.