Chicago Cubs News: Cubs pitchers in the ’90s; Arrieta pitching until he’s 40

The Chicago Cubs pitching in the 1990’s wasn’t always great, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t turn out some good single-season performances. Plus, Jake Arrieta believes he can pitch until he’s 40. But will it be with Chicago?

The Chicago Cubs had a few slim years when it comes to pitching. In fact, the ’90’s could fall into that category. But while there might not have been the Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks and Jake Arrieta group we have now? It doesn’t mean the Cubs didn’t have their share of spectacular seasons. We take a look at some of the best the pitching staff had to offer “back in the day”.

Jake Arrieta believes he can pitch at a high level until he’s 40. With the shape that he’s in, I’m not going to question it. But would that realization change anything for the Cubs? Not likely. They’re very aware of what Arrieta brings to the table. But there are several factors working against the Cubs and Arrieta to make a long-term deal happen.

Some of the young Cubs’ stars are making a name for themselves–if they hadn’t already. But it’s the stage that they’re doing it on that’s different. While Kyle Schwarber is impressing Joe Maddon in camp, Javier Baez has been doing it for Puerto Rico in the WBC. Needless to say, if these two come out swinging–and fielding–like they have? Things look good for the Cubs.

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