Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein’s made few mistakes in Chicago

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Chicago Cubs
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Cubs trade Torres, McKinney, Crawford and Warren to Yankees for Chapman

This is a deal that right now, without a doubt, is worth it. But there’s no doubt the Cubs gave up a player with a high ceiling in Gleyber Torres. Anyone that has had the opportunity to see him play knows that. Along with Torres, the Cubs sent back Warren as well as Rashad Crawford and Billy McKinney. Will we look back at this deal in a few years as a “bad move”?

But remember this, everyone wants to see a dynasty–until it happens. Then they want to see it torn down.

Regardless, this was a move that the Cubs made knowing what they were giving up–and what it could potentially bring to Chicago–a championship. Aroldis Chapman was the closer the Cubs needed. Yes, they rode him hard down the stretch. But when you’re fighting for your first World Series in 108 years, everyone has to bare down and make it happen. Chapman may have given up the game-tying home run to Rajai Davis. But don’t forget when he came out the next inning and held the Cleveland Indian scoreless, giving the Cubs another chance. It was a gutty performance, indeed.

As of now, Torres didn’t have a place in the Cubs infield. Which is a similar story to that of LaMahieu. In this case, the Cubs have a World Series to show for this trade. Not Ian Stewart. But this could be one where the Cubs are watching the young Torres shine for the Yankees for many years to come. As long as I don’t ever have to see Torres hit a game-winner against the Cubs in the World Series? I’ll be okay with this one, no matter how much it might sting.