Chicago Cubs: World Champs feted at White House by President Obama


The Chicago Cubs were feted by President Barack Obama with just four days remaining in office. They gathered in Washington D.C. as the White House held a ceremony in the East Room.

President Obama, a loyal Chicago White Sox fan got in some funny jibes at being a Sox fan and acknowledging the Chicago Cubs historic World Series win. But he spoke for a legion of Cubs fans who work in the White House.

Mr. Obama said the First Lady, Michelle, grew up rooting for the Chicago Cubs and watching games on TV with her Dad. She invited her favorite player Jose Cardenal to the White House today.  She met with the players before the ceremony was held.

Obama started off his remarks by saying, “They said this day will never come.” Well, it did. Obama quipped, ‘It took you long enough, I only have four days left.”

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Theo Epstein, the Cubs President, later remarked that the Chicago White Stockings, who later became the Cubs, visited the White House in 1888.

That statement got a laugh from the happy Cubs fans lucky enough to be in attendance. Senator Dick Durbin and other dignitaries were there as well as Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago who earlier served in Obama’s White House.

Piece of History, Reliving History

President Obama recounted the drama of Game 7 and complimented just about everyone on the Chicago Cubs team for their role in winning the World Series.

Obama noted how sports can bridge political divisions. “Sports has brought us together even when this country seems divided.” The Ricketts family, which owns the Cubs, has made major contributions to the GOP.

Todd, a brother of Tom Ricketts, will be joining the Trump Administration as Deputy Secretary of Commerce. Laura, Tom’s sister, has contributed to the Democratic party. Today, was a celebration of the long journey of the Chicago Cubs to finally win a World Championship. Their fans waited and waited.

Some fans never saw them as winners, but their children and grandchildren can celebrate and include their love for family members who weren’t there to see the final out, the parade or this day.

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Pitcher Jake Arrieta did not attend the East Room event due to a medical emergency in the family.

President Obama received a #44 Cubs home and away jersey, both with World Series patches on the sleeve. Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He also received a lifetime pass to Cubs games which elicited “ooooh’s and ahh’s ” from the audience.

Later in the day, the Cubs visited Walter Reed Hospital to see patients there. Below is a video of the full White House ceremony in case you wish to watch again or missed it. Courtesy of PBS NewsHour YouTube channel.