Chicago Cubs: Trade Deadline Countdown – 14 Days


With 14 days left until the August 1 trade deadline, all eyes are on what the Cubs will do in hopes of reaching the World Series. Let the rumors fly!

It is all truly speculation, but if you have paid attention to the Chicago Cubs since Theo Epstein took control, you know that a trade is coming. He used trades to bring in Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, and Addison Russell to the team. We know there is something in the works, but what?

Could it be Kyle Schwarber? Depends on who you ask. In an article written today in Yahoo! Sports, Jeff Passan suggests that New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is eyeing Schwarber.

Thinking about landing the left-handed monster hitter in Yankee Stadium leads some to believe Schwarber will hit 50 HR. Easily. Passan goes on to state that if Cubs do trade Schwarber they should receive Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.

The stats back up what Passan says. Miller is worth 2.0 wins above replacement and Chapman is at 0.9. Schwarber’s WAR was 1.8 last year, but projections put that closer to four when placed in the current Cubs’ lineup.

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The problem is where to play him next year. Catcher? Maybe, but the bad knee does not help his cause there. Plus, Willson Contreras is there. Left field? He did not look comfortable there in the 2015 post season, and there is depth in the outfield right now. First base. No. Rizzo.

It does make sense for the Yankees to pursue Kyle. They need a new DH after Alex Rodriguez is gone.  But, Schwarber reiterated that Epstein said he would not be traded. What to do?

Enter Dan Vogelbach. While he would not be enough to catch both Chapman and Miller, he could easily be packaged with another prospect in a trade for one of the Yankee relievers. Vogelbach has been consistent at Triple-A Iowa this year, hitting .310 with 15 HR and 63 RBI. While the Yankees do have Greg Bird, scouts seem to think Vogelbach is an improvement. Regardless, one of them could DH.

The true issue becomes if the Cubs can offer enough for the Yankees to make the deal. It has been reported that the Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals have scouted Miller and Chapman.

Additionally, MLB Network Jon Heyman tweeted that the offer from the Cubs is not the best they Yankees have received.

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Then you have the discussions about Chris Archer. Buster Olney tweeted today that the Tampa Bay Rays would have to be overwhelmed to trade Archer. It makes sense. You do not want to trade a potentially top-of-the-rotation talent for a low return.

Archer has struggled, but the Rays would be wise to get as much as they can in return. They are rebuilding and need players. Good players. And Archer is their best chip in the pot.

Could the Cubs get one, two, or all three of these players? It is doubtful. Theo has shown that he is thoughtful and deliberate in all moves. It is up to us to sit back and watch.