Chicago Cubs News: Arrieta; MLB The Show 16 simulation


There are more than enough reasons for the Chicago CubsJake Arrieta to be in the news. Unfortunately, many of the stories trending right now aren’t.

When the Al Jazeera story came out regarding players doping, it was a reckless story reported after talking to just ONE source. The individual recanted, but the damage was already done. Then came Stephen A. Smith, who on ESPN’s first take questioned every bit of what Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta has accomplished–but of course, isn’t accusing him.Our Michael Niederman takes a look at what has become of this era in which accomplishment is questioned of its authenticity.

Many of you may be familiar with the franchise MLB The Show. It’s the baseball equivalent to the Madden franchise. Each year the game is used to run simulations of seasons, and while not always accurate it provides some entertainment. Instead of simulating the whole season, we’ll be doing it one month at a time. So be sure to check out the month of May as we simulate it on the PS4’s MLB The Show 16.

Arrieta is going to be with the Cubs through next season. Of course, when someone pitches like he has, you start wondering about extending him long-term. The two pitfalls of that are injuries can derail a pitcher–and his agent is Scott Boras–not known for giving any sort of “deal”, ever. But Theo Epstein and “the plan” have gotten us to this point, and there’s no reason to abandon it now, no matter the fate of Arrieta as a Cub.

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