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Chicago Cubs: Rondon not worried about closer job


The Chicago Cubs Hector Rondon has established himself over the last two seasons, so a rough spring isn’t going to cost him his job. If the team isn’t concerned, why should we be?

The Chicago Cubs‘ Hector Rondon is coming off of a 30 save season. And that’s even with a few hiccups and losing his job for a brief period last year. So while some of us look on with concern about his gaudy spring numbers (17.36 ERA in 14 innings), the Cubs aren’t concerned at all. Wait…really? Like, not at all?

The job of a closer always elicits fear and concern when things aren’t going smoothly. I could delve into the history of Cubs’ closers, but simply using Carlos Marmol (aka the “Marmolcoaster) should be enough. Things can go from fine to bad in no time, and you have to be prepared for such a situation. So are the Cubs already prepared for it, or do they have complete faith in Rondon?

Rondon is not so naive to think he’s established and untouchable, even after two solid seasons as the team’s closer. Does he feel he’s the guy again? While he doesn’t appear concerned, he isn’t cocky either.

"“Tough question,” he said. “I don’t know, especially with my position. I came in last year, and I lost my job. I got it back. I’m really happy with the job I did last year. I feel like, yeah, I made that position for another year.” h/t Bruce Miles, Daily Herald"

It’s a tough situation for any team to be in. Paying big money for a guy that only gets a few outs per game–and only when you’re winning–can be a tough pill to swallow. The Cubs did so when signing Kyuji Fujikawa. That was a bust as arm problems kept him from seeing the mound much. So finding guys within the organization is the best–and most economical–way to go.

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If Rondon’s struggles continue, Joe Maddon may opt to move him to lower-leverage situations, essentially “benching” him like he did last year. The Cubs have in-house possibilities in Pedro Strop, Neil Ramirez and possibly even Carl Edwards, Jr. But for the time being, Rondon is the guy–so let’s hope for the best.