Chicago Cubs: Pearl Jam will return to Wrigley this summer


The Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field will play host to Cubs’ fan Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam in August

If you watched any of the Chicago Cubs‘ postseason games, you know that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is a HUGE fan. Aside from making his way to his share of games this season, Pearl Jam will make their way to Wrigley Field as part of their North American tour on August 20 and 22. Ticket details are yet to be announced, but should be coming soon.

The Cubs and White Sox are a rivalry like no other. There is no middle ground. Fans don’t “pull for the other” team, ever. But in the case of five-year-old Drew Duszynski, you may see a small bit of sway in that. Drew–a White Sox fan– needed a kidney transplant, and who better than to donate than a Cubs fan. Chris White was there for the young fan, and hopes that maybe his new kidney can help sway whim to the North Side.

There are a lot of top hitting quartets in Major League baseball. We know about some of the duo’s, but when you dig a little deeper, who has the best four in the game? The National? The Tigers? How about the Cubs?

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