Chicago Cubs: Former players hopeful for shot at HOF

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Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Jim Edmonds only played half a season for the Cubs–but it was an important half. Nearing the end of his career, Edmonds was floundering in San Diego and the Padres released him in mid-May of 2008. The Cubs were in desperate need of a center fielder at the time, and took a flier on Edmonds. He delivered for the Cubs that season, crushing 19 home runs in a shortened season and slashing his way to a .937 OPS–not bad for a guy who was thought to be washed up.

Edmonds initial reception by Cubs fans was quite cool, since his best years had come at the Cubs expense while he played for the Cardinals. Edmonds won six consecutive Gold Glove awards as the Cardinals center fielder. He won eight total for his career, to go along with 393 home runs, good enough for 59th all time. He was a four-time All Star (three in National League, one in American as a member of the Angels).

2016 was Edmonds’ first year on the ballot. His voting numbers are low and that’s surprising considering the impact Edmonds made on the teams he played for. It is rare to find a center fielder known as both a great fielder and intimidating hitter. Edmonds was both those things for many years (Cubs fans remember that well). Perhaps he will see a spike in votes in subsequent years.

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