Chicago Cubs: Taking a look at the Cubs’ top starting rotations in franchise history

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John Lackey

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Could the 2016 Cubs starting rotation feature multiple Hall of Famers? Lackey may not make it, but Arrieta and Lester could be on their way. And good things are predicted for 2016.

According to FanGraphs, Arrieta should regress a bit in 2016 but still post some solid numbers. His steamer projection has him winning 15 games with a 2.93 ERA and a WAR of 4.7.

On the flip side, we should see more from Jon Lester. Projections have him at 14 wins, a 3.15 ERA, and a 4.1 WAR.

The remainder of the Cubs staff predicts out at some very respectable numbers. Lackey, Hendricks and Hammel all expect sub-4.00 ERAs and WARs over 2.

While these are good numbers, they don’t have the eye-poppers of some of the previously mentioned rotations. But what do you think? Could the 2016 Cubs boast one of the Cubs best-ever rotations?