Chicago Cubs: Taking a look at the Cubs’ top starting rotations in franchise history

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#2: 1918

In 1918, the Cubs were once again ending a playoff drought, and the pitching staff led the way for the Cubs first World Series appearance in a whole seven whopping years. Sigh.

Hippo Vaughn, Lefty Tyler, Claude Hendrix and Phil Douglas all posted an ERA under 3.00. Three of those four-posted an ERA under 2.50 (Hendrix being the exception). As a team, the Cubs boasted the lowest ERA, the highest strikeout rate per nine innings, the fewest hits per nine innings and the fewest home runs allowed.

Vaughn was the dominant presence as he led the league in several categories: wins, ERA, WHIP, hits per nine innings, strikeouts and shutouts. Had there been a Cy Young Award in those days, it would have gone to Vaughn.

Lefty Tyler was no slouch either though. He posted an impressive 6.9 WAR, which was second in majors only to teammate Vaughn, who had a 7.8 WAR. Their rotation mates contributed solid WARs, too, as Hendrix posted a 2.1 and Douglas posted a 1.9.

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