Chicago Cubs: Taking a look at the Cubs’ top starting rotations in franchise history

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Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

With the Chicago Cubs signing of John Lackey, the team has a formidable starting rotation for 2016.

On many teams, Lackey would be a top of rotation guy, but on this Cubs team, he’ll fall behind both Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester and in front of surprising youngster Kyle Hendricks and veteran Jason Hammel. (that is if the Cubs stand pat on pitching this off-season).

That is if the Cubs stand pat on pitching this off-season.

On paper, this is one of the best rotations the Cubs will have fielded in quite a long time. We’re hoping it will be one of the best rotations they ever fielded–and it certainly will be remembered as such if the team brings home a championship.

So who else would this rotation rank with if they were live into their potential in 2016? Let’s get the expectations set by looking at the top five rotations in Cubs history–and then see where this staff projects.

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