Chicago Cubs: Who was more valuable – Anthony Rizzo or Jake Arrieta?

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The Verdict: Arrieta 

Both were absolutely great for the Chicago Cubs in 2015, and are each vital to the success of the team in going forward.

Rizzo led the club in most offensive categories, and it’s hard to say where the team would have been without a consistent force powering the middle of order.

Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber and others each picked up the slack, so Rizzo didn’t have to do it all alone. Though if Rizzo wasn’t homering, he was still getting on base and giving the other boppers the opportunity to knock him in.

Jake Arrieta was considered an All-Star snub by some, only to end up as the National League Cy Young winner for 2015. His dominance in the second-half, as well as his historically low numbers and ERA are unparalleled to those before him.

Honestly, it’s stupid how good he was. From Aug. 1 on, his slider was the one pitch that produced the highest batting average off him … of .168.

Jake Arrieta became not only the best pitcher on the Cubs, but the best in baseball. It’s just hard to compete with history. Even when it’s Anthony Rizzo.